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This article is about the equipment item. For the Primary Stat, see Armor (stat).
Suit up! It Won't make you stronger, but you'll look absolutely fabulous.

Armor is a strictly cosmetic item in Corepunk. It can be equipped either by dragging into the armor panel or by interacting with armor items in the inventory.

A Legionary's currently equipped armor.


Armor can be crafted, purchased from vendors, traded with players, rewarded for hitting certain milestones, or bought from a cosmetic shop where players can exchange real currency for armor.


Players have six armor slots: Helmet, Gloves, Chest, Boots, Belt, and Pants. Each piece of armor can only be equipped into its designated slots, although they can take up multiple slots at once.
Armor can be a part of armor sets - collections of armor designed to be worn together. Players do not need to wear complete sets nor do they receive bonuses when wearing a complete set.

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