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The game offers interesting itemization via a system of artifacts that will strengthen any combination of weapon mastery and passive talents. You can get new abilities through artifacts.


Artifacts in Corepunk are items that, along with weapons, your character will get the majority of their skills and overall power from. Unlike weapons, they are not tied to a specific hero specialisation and are not visible on the player character model.


One can obtain artifacts either by crafting them with the artifactsmith profession, via drops from killed characters, as quest rewards, or by trading. When artifacts are dropped, they will have fixed stats, however the item's quality and specific stat numbers will be randomised. Some items cannot be traded as they can be bound to the character upon pickup or equip.

Artifact Types[edit]

Artifacts can be split into two main groups: Those with an active skill, or those with a passive skill. Active abilities are abilities that only take effect once they are actively used by the player, whereas passive abilities are always active on the player at all times. Artifacts can also be split by rarity - the higher the rarity, the more powerful the artifact.

Active Artifacts[edit]

"The active abilities on the artifacts will play a significant role, but of course they will not be as strong as the main hero's abilities."

By using active artifacts, you will sacrifice some stats compared to if you use artifacts with no ability. The skills on these artifacts range from utility and sustain skills to ones that increase or deal damage. These skills will never be as powerful as the specialisation's abilities. There can never be more than one skill per artifact.

Passive Artifacts[edit]

Passsive artifacts are great for roaming around Kwalat. They can give an increase in movement speed, health, attack speed, etc. One artifact can utilize many stat boosts.

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