Coming of age in a concrete jungle surrounded by street gangs at war, bright and youthful Bombers had to grow up early. They managed to survive with the help of their trickery and razor-sharp wit.

Bombers are fast-paced Heroes that tend to control the battlefield from afar. They are focused on Crowd Control (CC), but go about it in different ways. The Blast Medic tends to enjoy splash healing and damage, whilst the Grenadier focuses on speeding up allies and slowing down enemies, and the Infiltrator uses the constant threat of high damage and hidden mines to their advantage.


The Bomber can be specced into three Masteries: Blast Medic, Grenadier, or Infiltrator.

Blast Medic

Blast Medic[edit]

Main Article: Blast Medic

The Blast Medic is a medium-ranged support Hero that uses grenade launchers and can wield various explosives such as hand grenades or bombs. They primarily rely on Area of Effect (AoE) and Damage per Second (DPS) skills. They are versatile since all skills can damage enemies and/or heal allies.



Main Article: Grenadier

The Grenadier is a long-ranged Hero that focuses on buffing allies and controlling enemies with their Q. Their gameplay is focused upon fast-paced action and quick skill combinations to gain charges for their special ability - this is aided by their R, which resets all ability cooldowns.



Main Article: Infiltrator

Infiltrators are melee burst-oriented Heroes. Their gameplay is centred around controlling the battlefield whilst invisible and dealing massive damage when necessary. The long cooldown on the R ability is justified its execution mechanic and the Infiltrator's special ability.


All Bomber skills are listed below:

Icon Name Cast time Range Cost Cooldown Hero Mastery
Ricochet Bomb.png Ricochet Bomb 1.2 7 10/25/40/60/75/95 0 Bomber Blast Medic
Blinding Bomb.png Blinding Bomb 0.6 8 10 18 Bomber Blast Medic
Double Trouble.png Double Trouble Instant 8 10 Mana 22 Bomber Blast Medic
Fusion.png Fusion 0.5 14 40 Mana 160 Bomber Blast Medic
Multi-Dimensional Atomizer.png Multi-Dimensional Atomizer Instant 5 6 Bomber Blast Medic
Q (Grenadier).png Q (Grenadier) Instant 6 18/23/28/33/38/43/48/53/58/63/68/73 Mana 12 Bomber Grenadier
W (Grenadier).png W (Grenadier) Instant 9 33/38/43/48/53/58/63/68/73/78/83/88 Mana 15 Bomber Grenadier
E (Grenadier).png E (Grenadier) Instant 6 20/25/30/35/40/45/50/55/60/65/70/75 Mana 8 Bomber Grenadier
R (Grenadier).png R (Grenadier) 0.5 75/100/125/150 Mana 90/70/50/30 Bomber Grenadier
Special (Grenadier).png Special (Grenadier) Bomber Grenadier
Q (Infiltrator).png Q (Infiltrator) 0.5 28/30/33/35/38/40/43/45/48/50/53/55 Mana 25 Bomber Infiltrator
W (Infiltrator).png W (Infiltrator) 1 2 18/20/23/25/28/30/33/35/38/40/43/45 Mana 15 Bomber Infiltrator
E (Infiltrator).png E (Infiltrator) 0.3 4 18/23/28/33/38/43/48/53/58/63/68/73 Mana 10 Bomber Infiltrator
R (Infiltrator).png R (Infiltrator) Instant 5 50/75/100/125 Mana 160/120/90/60 Bomber Infiltrator
Special (Infiltrator).png Special (Infiltrator) Bomber Infiltrator

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