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Camps are small groups of 3-6 enemy characters. The enemies in any particular camp change after being killed, meaning there's no guarantee that the same enemies will respawn in the same location.



Units: Imp servant (544 health), Imp firestarter (765 health), Imp witch (765 health) Possible levels: 7


"These dangerous monsters are the result of chemical experiments that went wrong."

Units: Leaf Beetle (544 health), Leaf Cicada (862 health), Leaf Cricket (628 health) Possible levels: 7

Mutant Rats[edit]

Units: Large Mutant Rat (650 approx. health), Mutant Rat (628 health), Small Rat Mutant (600 approx. health) Possible Levels: 7


Units: Archer Occultist, Heavy Occultist, Shaman Occultist, Slayer Occultist, Spearman Occultist, Tank Occultist


Units: Spider Baby lv5, Spider Fighter lv10, Spider Queen lv15