Destroyers are melee heroes with a specialization in two-handed weapons. Having a high survival rate, they sweep right into the heart of a battle, dealing a lot of damage to their enemies. Fighting in a group, they can support their allies in critical moments restoring team members’ health for a certain amount of time.

The Destroyer is a Champion Mastery that wields two-handed weapons.


The Destroyer's abilities can be seen below:

The Destroyer dashes to the target area, dealing physical damage to enemies in the area in front of them.
Weapon Specialization Bonus: +0.2m range.
Circle Strike.png
Circle Strike
The Destroyer spins in the target direction. It deals physical damage to all hit enemies. Enemies in the outer ring of impact are dealt 30% additional damage.
War Cry.png
War Cry
The Destroyer shouts, increasing their Attack Power Icon.png Attack Power and Health Icon.png Health for 20 seconds.
Weapon Specialization Bonus: +1% to bonus effects.
Crushing Leap.png
Crushing Leap
The Destroyer jumps to the target location, dealing physical damage and stunning enemies for 2 seconds upon landing.
Battle Frenzy.png
Battle Frenzy
For each basic attack or ability that hits the enemy, the Destroyer gains a stack that gives +1% Attack Speed Icon.png Attack Speed for 5 seconds (with a maximum of 10 stacks).

Upon reaching 10 stacks, the Destroyer can activate a whirling ability (using all stacks), dealing physical damage to nearby enemies every 0.75 seconds over 5 seconds.

Weapon Specialization Bonus: +0.75s duration.

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