E (Blast Medic)

E (Blast Medic).png

E (Blast Medic)
Hero Bomber
Mastery Blast Medic
Cast Time 0 seconds
Cost 33/38/43/48/53/58/63/68/73/78/83/88 Mana
Cooldown 30 seconds

The Blast Medic sends a duplicate in the target direction. Upon reactivation, the Blast Medic swaps places with the duplicate - stunning (Attack Speed Icon.png Attack Speed) enemies and increasing allied movement speed (Attack Speed Icon.png Attack Speed) for those between the teleport locations. Passing through characters in this state deals magic damage (Spell Power Icon.png Spell Power) to enemies and gives Health Regeneration Icon.png Health Regeneration (Spirit).

Version history

Patch Changes
Original E (Blast Medic) was added to the game.