E (Warlock)

E (Warlock).png

E (Warlock)
Hero Pain Reaper
Mastery Warlock
Cast Time 0.5 seconds
Range 7 meters
Cost 15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/55/60/65/70 Mana
Cooldown 12 seconds

The Warlock's next basic attack on the target enemy fears them for 2 seconds (Spirit). The ability can then be re-cast on an ally, binding their and the enemy's souls together.

When the fear effect expires, magic damage ( Spell Power Icon.png Spell Power) is dealt over 10 seconds and movement speed is reduced by 30% (Spirit) for 3 seconds. The bound ally is healed (Spirit) by a higher amount of health the target enemy loses.

Version history

Patch Changes
Original E (Warlock) was added to the game.