The Elanien logo and motto.
The Elaniens had been sieved out by natural selection long before they had any kingdom. Having fallen out of a portal in the middle of a dense untouched forest, it was near impossible for any of them to survive. They faced peril at every turn: falling prey to a never-before-seen animal, having your feet broken by protruding roots that permeate this land, eating wild berries when you’re dying of hunger. Only a few were able to overcome it all.

The Elaniens are one of the four main cultures in Kwalat. They are known to be one with nature and see themselves as part of a complex ecosystem.


The first Elaniens fell into Kwalat from a portal in the Valley of Sins. The survivors found lodging but were still unsafe from the crawling murk at night.
Rangers learned to become one with nature and discovered villages for the community. These villages created light-emitting devices, used to push back the crawling murk.
Later, many enemies fell out of the portal. Rangers lead survivors to the safety of the river, where they set off overcrowded rafts in search of salvation. The Elanien refugees gathered on the islands of Leitana, and hosted a communal feast with their remaining supplies. During the feast, the Elaniens crowned their King with the hoop from the first opened wine barrel.
The King still rules Elan to this day.


"The power and splendor of Elan are in the devices that harness the energy of plants without causing harm. Elanien technologies are impressive in their magnificence: ornately woven metal, containing the deadly force of light particles."

Elaniens believe in unity - holding each other accountable for their actions. They view themselves as part of a complex ecosystem. As such, they try to protect the forest and never disrupt natural order.
Keepers are responsible for sealing away objects or monsters created by the portal. Luceaiders guard Elan and its river system from enemies using the Bastion.


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"To survive in these lands, you must respect the interconnections that make this ecosystem work, you ought to watch each other’s back, and you need to guard these dreadful woods - with all your elanien might - from something far more terrifying."

The Elanien capital city is Leitana.
To the east lies the Valley of Sins: made entirely of flesh and blood, whose creatures are manifestations of human instinct. Elan is protected from the Valley by Luceaiders.