Engineers are technical masters. They can assemble a turret that fires a barrage of bullets, dealing damage to enemies. If enemies dare to approach Engineers in a melee fight, they'll either take a wrench to the head or be shot with a revolver at point-blank range. Each successful attack grants Engineers combo points, which empower their later attacks.

The Engineer is a Mercenary Mastery that wields a revolver and wrench.


The Engineer's abilities can be seen below:

Q (Engineer).png
Q (Engineer)
If cast on an enemy:

The Engineer fires at a target, dealing physical damage ( Attack Power Icon.png Attack Power). Every combo point increases the damage the ability deals by 10%. At maximum combo points, critical damage increases by 50%.

If cast on a turret:

The Engineer remotely buffs a turret. Its next three shots deal 10% more damage (Spell Power).

Each combo point increases the buffed turret's damage by 5% and the number of empowered shots by 1. At maximum combo points, the turret's attack range is also increased.
W (Engineer).png
W (Engineer)
The Engineer places an automatic turret that deals magic damage (Spell Power) to all enemies in front of it (2 turrets maximum).

If a second turret is nearby, the two will connect, creating an electric beam that reduces enemies' movement speed by 40% and increases allies' movement speed by 30%.

When placed, turrets have a durability level of 2 (out of a maximum of 4). Turret durability levels decrease over time and when it is damaged. Each durability level increases the damage the turret deals by 15%. The turret is destroyed when its durability level reaches 0.
E (Engineer).png
E (Engineer)
If cast on an enemy:

The Engineer delivers a powerful blow to a target, dealing physical damage ( Attack Power Icon.png Attack Power) and stunning the target for 2 seconds.

If cast on a turret:

The Engineer hits the turret, increasing the turret's Attack Speed Icon.png Attack Speed for 5 seconds and causing it to generate an electric pulse. The pulse deals magic damage and decreases enemy movement speed within a short range from the turret.

Generates 2 combo points upon activation.
R (Engineer).png
R (Engineer)
The Engineer gains maximum combo points and a shield equal to 20% Spell Power Icon.png Spell Power of their maximum Health Icon.png Health. For the next 7 seconds, the Engineer generates twice as many combo points.
While the ability is active, the Engineer can remotely choose their turrets' targets.
Special (Engineer).png
Special (Engineer)
A turret's durability level increases by 1 when the Engineer basic attacks it.

A turret is surrounded by an aura that grants the Engineer bonus Armor Icon.png Armor and resistance.

A Basic attack generates one combo point.

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