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Since all 6 Heroes each have 3 different Masteries, it can be hard to decide upon which one to play. This page will provide short summaries of each Mastery, their skills, and gameplay all on one page to aid you in the Hero-picking process.

Click on each Hero in the contents section and read their descriptions to find the Hero you want, then read through each of that Hero's Masteries to select the best Mastery for you.

It is important to note that you can add a new Weapon Mastery to your Hero once you reach Level 40. This means that if you are torn between two different Masteries from the same Hero, you can use both on one character. It is recommended to choose a Mastery used for Player versus Environment (PvE) first for efficient leveling, then choosing a Mastery focused on Player versus Player (PvP) upon reaching level 40.

How each Mastery exerts their influence. They are grouped by controlling enemies, damage threat, erosion of health, and support of allies. Inner masteries have a more aggressive playstyle.
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Main Article: Bomber

Bombers are fast-paced Heroes that tend to control the battlefield from afar. They are focused on Crowd Control (CC), but go about it in different ways. The Blast Medic tends to enjoy splash healing and damage, whilst the Grenadier focuses on speeding up allies and slowing down enemies, and the Infiltrator uses the constant threat of high damage and hidden mines to their advantage.

Blast Medic[edit]

Main Article: Blast Medic

The Blast Medic is a medium-ranged support Hero that uses grenade launchers and can wield various explosives such as hand grenades or bombs. They primarily rely on Area of Effect (AoE) skills. They are versatile since all skills can damage enemies and/or heal allies.

Special: Either increasing healing, attack speed, or basic attack damage. Upon activation, the stats are prolonged and empowered.

Q releases a projectile that damages enemies and heals allies. It ricochets twice.

W blinds and damages enemies in the blast radius whilst reducing incoming damage for allies.

E creates a duplicate that the Blast Medic can switch places with. The switch stuns enemies and increases allied movement speed. Allies are healed and enemies are damaged as the Blast Medic passes through them.

R either periodically shields the Blast Medic, heals an ally, or damages an enemy periodically.


Main Article: Grenadier

The Grenadier is a long-ranged Hero that focuses on buffing allies and controlling enemies with their Q. Their gameplay is focused on fast-paced action and quick skill combinations to gain charges for their special - this is aided by their R, which resets all ability cooldowns.

Special: Every ability leaves a charge on the enemy. They detonate upon activation.

Q either damages and pushes an enemy, or pulls an ally and increases their movement speed.

W throws a bomb that either decreases cast times and increases attack speed of allies, or damages and decreases enemy movement speed when it explodes.

E throws a bomb that damages enemies. The Grenadier gets a stack of increased spell power for each enemy hit for 10 seconds. The stack refreshes if an enemy is hit again.

R resets all of the Grenadier's ability cooldowns.


Main Article: Infiltrator

Infiltrators are melee burst-oriented Heroes. Their gameplay is centred around controlling the battlefield whilst invisible and dealing massive damage when necessary. The long cooldown on the R ability is justified its execution mechanic and the Infiltrator's special.

Special: Critical hits reduce all of the Infiltrator's ability cooldowns by 1 second. Backstabbing the enemy increases critical chance by 50%.

Q makes the Infiltrator invisible and increases their movement speed. Their next basic attack deals additional damage and silences the enemy.

W the Infiltrator throws an invisible mine. Upon detonation, the mine stuns enemies for 2 seconds and deals damage.

E throws grenades which deal damage upon impact. Enemy movement speed is decreased within the blast radius.

R jumps to the target location, dealing very high damage. Enemies under 20% health are immediately killed. If an enemy is killed by the ability, its cooldown resets.


Main Article: Champion

Champions are the strong fighters of Corepunk. They can waltz into the battlefield and put up a good fight with practically anyone, in their own unique ways. The Defender uses high resistances to stay alive for longer, whereas the Destroyer can use their many movement abilities to chase down enemies. On the other hand, Rangers tend to hold back and slowly damage enemies with basic attacks and slows.


Main Article: Defender

The Defender is an offensive tank that wields a sword and shield. They enjoy being in the thick of the fight and enduring a lot of damage - even encouraging others to join them with their E skill. The Defender's skills ensure they stay in the battlefield for a long time before going down, with plenty of reduced incoming damage.

Special: The Defender gains bonus resistance for each enemy within 3 meters of them.

Q makes their next basic attack deal more damage. Each basic attack within a 7-second period also reduces incoming damage by 3%.

W throws a shield at the target, stunning them. The shield then ricochets among nearby enemies, damaging them.

E jumps to the target location, dealing damage and taunting enemies.

R raises the Defender's shield, reflecting all incoming damage and creating an area where allies take reduced incoming damage. The Defender is immune to both CC and damage.


Main Article: Destroyer

The Destroyer is a melee damage-dealing Hero that is very nimble. Most of their abilities are movement-focused, requiring the player to think quickly. Their fast movement allows for quick skill combinations, especially with their special. The Destroyer's R ability is an easy way to get some free damage on your enemy.

Special: Each landed attack gains a stack, which gives bonus attack power. Upon reaching 10 stacks, the Destroyer can whirlwind, dealing constant damage over 1.5 seconds.

Q dashes to the target area, dealing damage and decreasing enemy movement speed.

W throws their weapon in the target direction, damaging enemies.

E increases health and damage for 10 seconds. Nearby enemies get reduced armor.

R jumps to the target area, dealing damage and stunning enemies upon landing.


Main Article: Ranger

The Ranger is a long-range damage-dealing Hero that uses basic attacks to their advantage. The Ranger can immobilise enemies with Q, and infinitely slow them if they constantly switch stances with E. Rangers can leap out of sticky situations with R - but they must be careful since it's the only movement skill they have.

Special: Basic attacks leave arrows in enemies. The Ranger gains movement speed for each arrow. Upon activation, the arrows explode, dealing damage.

Q fires an arrow, damaging and rooting the first enemy in its path.

W fires a hailstorm of arrows, dealing damage and decreasing enemy movement speed whilst giving bonus movement speed to allies.

E switches between two stances. Basic attacks can either reduce the enemy's armor or decrease their movement speed.

R leaps backwards whilst firing a volley of arrows, dealing damage to all enemies in range.


Main Article: Mercenary

The Mercenary is a damage-dealing brawler. They work very well alone due to their lack of support abilities and unique playstyles. Berserkers use rage to power up their basic attacks, whereas the Sniper only uses their abilities and stealthily deals tonnes of damage. The Engineer deals damage primarily through deploying and managing turrets.


Main Article: Berserker

Berserkers are fast-paced Damage-per-Second (DPS) Heroes. They play fast-paced and aggressively, with a big focus upon basic attacks with their W and special. Berserkers use a high-risk-high-reward strategy with the rage mechanic, which is directly tied to their health.

Special: Basic attacks generate rage, with a chance for a double-hit. The Berserker's strength is based upon their health.

Q throws an axe, damaging and decreasing movement speed of all enemies in its path. Picking up the axe reduces this ability's cooldown.

W increases attack speed for the next four basic attacks. The fourth attack deals additional damage.

E leaps to the target location, damaging and stunning surrounding enemies. The leap also generates rage.

R uses all accumulated rage, increasing attack speed and damage for 10 seconds.


Main Article: Engineer

The Engineer is a medium-ranged DPS Hero that uses turrets to both deal damage and control the battlefield. They must constantly manage their turrets, especially with their R skill. Turrets are used as reliable damage that is annoying to remove easily and can be easily buffed with combo points granted from their special.

Special: Turrets grant bonus armor, and basic attacks increase turret durability. Each basic attack generates one combo point.

Q either buffs a turret to deal more damage or deals damage to an enemy. Turret damage increases with combo points. Maximum combo points increases the turret's range and critical chance.

W places an automated turret that deals damage to enemies. Two turrets create a beam that both decreases enemy movement speed and increases allied movement speed.

E either deals damage to an enemy or causes a turret to pulse, dealing AoE damage and decreasing enemy movement speed.

R gains maximum combo points and a shield. The Engineer can remotely choose their turrets' targets.


Main Article: Sniper

The Sniper is a long-ranged, high-damaging hero that focuses solely upon damaging enemies whilst invisible from their special. Their special forces them to play accurately and carefully. With the help of their R skill, they have huge burst damage potential.

Special: The Sniper can use 5 abilities before reloading and can't basic attack. They become invisible if they don't move or cast an ability. Upon activation, the Sniper reveals part of the Fog of war.

Q fires in the target direction, dealing damage and reducing armor. With Magnum Cartridges, the shot is multi-target and enemy movement speed decreases.

W chambers a cartridge. This can be done quicker with faster attack speed.

E fires at an enemy, dealing damage. If an enemy is killed by this ability, the cooldown resets. With Magnum Cartridges, this always deals critical damage.

R loads Magnum Cartridges. For 10 seconds, the Sniper's abilities are upgraded.

Pain Reaper[edit]

Main Article: Pain Reaper

Pain Reapers are unique Heroes with ranged abilities that deal lots of damage and control their enemies in different ways. Pyromancers can deal high AoE damage, whereas Soul Eaters use abilities to manouvre quickly and immobilise enemies, and the Warlock constantly drains health from enemies, transferring it to allies.


Main Article: Pyromancer

Pyromancers are medium-ranged high-damage heroes that wreak havoc on their enemies. They can control enemies with their W skill, and deal overwhelming damage with their R skill. Pyromancers must manage their ability usage due to their special.

Special: Casting spells fills up a heat meter. When half-full, abilities become empowered. When full, abilities deal extra damage but also damage the Pyromancer themselves.

Q throws a fireball, dealing damage to an enemy. The attack becomes AoE upon empowerment.

W creates a portal that pulls enemies in. It then deals damage and roots them. Upon empowerment, enemies are additionally set on fire.

E dashes to the target location, leaving a fire trail. Upon reactivation, the Pyromancer returns to their starting location. Additional damage is dealt upon empowerment.

R calls a meteor to the target location, dealing damage and stunning enemies. Upon empowerment, the blast radius doubles.

Soul Eater[edit]

Main Article: Soul Eater

The Soul Eater is a melee damage dealer. They use their abilities to reposition themselves nimbly, so they can collect soul shards from their special. Their R ability is important to use well since it keeps enemies in one space.

Special: Basic attacks can create soul shards. If an ally touches the shard, it reduces all ability cooldowns by 1 second and damages enemies.

Q leaps to the target enemy, rooting and striking them 3 times.

W creates a duplicate. Upon reactivation, the Soul Eater teleports to the duplicate. The duplicate explodes on contact with the Soul Eater, dealing damage.

E lunges forward, damaging all enemies in the Soul Eater's path. Upon reactivation, the Soul Eater damages enemies in front of them.

R forms a cage at the target location. Encaged enemies take damage and are stunned if they try to escape.


Main Article: Warlock

Warlocks are medium-ranged DPS heroes. Every ability they have removes health from enemies and heals allies, making them a great offensive support hero. A Warlock must constantly be aware of their teammates' situations and bail them out if needed with a well-timed accurate skill.

Special: Power increases for each negative effect (debuff) the Warlock casts. Upon activation, the Warlock sacrifices health for a temporary shield and movement speed increase.

Q tethers the Warlock to the target. Tethered enemies are dealt increasing damage over time whereas tethered allies are healed over time.

W steals health from a maximum of 2 enemies, healing the Warlock by roughly the same amount.

E fears an enemy. Upon reactivation, an ally is bound to the enemy. The enemy is damaged over time, healing the ally by roughly the same amount.

R explodes the Warlock's debuffs and buffs: dealing damage to enemies and healing allies. The effects remain active after the explosion.


Main Article: Paladin

Paladins use melee weapons and the power of light to wipe out their enemies. They are a hybrid of damage-dealers and support Heroes. The Cleric is the most support-oriented Paladin whereas the Hand of the Light is more damage-oriented. On the other hand, the Crusader supports allies by controlling their enemies.


Main Article: Cleric

Clerics are melee support Heroes that can also pack a punch. Their aggressive playstyle combined with their Q skill and E skill forces allies to move into the fight to benefit from healing. The Cleric's special ensures Clerics are always dealing damage and never heal from a safe distance.

Special: Whilst attacking, the Cleric gains stacks that increase ability damage. The stacks refresh when abilities are used. Upon activation, stacks are reset and basic attacks deal additional damage.

Q damages the enemy and creates a healing zone for allies. Upon reactivation, the zone explodes, damaging enemies.

W releases a wave that where enemies take damage, have decreased resistances, and are immobilised.

E shields an ally, absorbing all incoming damage. Upon expiration, the shield damages and stuns surrounding enemies.

R heals nearby allies, and increases the Cleric's movement speed and resistances. The Cleric cannot basic attack during this time.


Main Article: Crusader

Crusaders are melee, offensive tanks that wield a shield and morgenstern. Their playstyle mainly revolves around charging their W skill for as long as possible whilst also being attacked by many enemies. Their Q skill and R skill are very good at controlling enemy movements and directing allies.

Special: For every 10 basic attacks on an enemy, the enemy is stunned.

Q flings a chain, dealing damage and dragging the target enemy to the Crusader. Enemies are additionally taunted.

W triggers an explosion, dealing damage to surrounding enemies. Upon reactivation, the Crusader deals damage based upon how long the ability was charged.

E raises the Crusader's shield, blocking an ability. Upon reactivation, enemies in front of the Crusader are damaged and their movement speed is decreased.

R creates a field where enemies can't use movement abilities and allies take reduced damage. When passing through the field: enemies are disarmed and damaged, and allies gain movement speed.

Hand of the Light[edit]

Main Article: Hand of the Light

The Hand of the Light is a melee damage-dealer that can also support allies. Their special encourages combinations of skills, and their E skill can enable synergy between other burst-oriented Heroes. These heroes tend to fight side-by-side with tank heroes by healing them and damaging nearby enemies.

Special: Every ability empowers the Hand of the Light's next basic attack: dealing additional damage and healing. 3 empowerment stacks also increases movement speed.

Q deals damage and reduces resistances for enemies in the area in front of the Hand of the Light.

W fires a beam of light that damages and reduces the movement speed of enemies, and removes allies' movement speed reduction effects. Upon reactivation, the skill shields the target ally.

E targets an enemy for 5 seconds. The target is dealt damage based upon the amount of damage they received during the 5 seconds.

R smashes their weapon to the ground, dealing damage based upon the ability's charge time.


Main Article: Warmonger

Warmongers are specialized Heroes that are powerful with one unique mechanic. Commandos can deal high damage with their lack of cooldowns; the Legoinary places many CC effects upon their enemies; the Shaman can summon a wolf to fight with them and specializes in basic attacks.


Main Article: Commando

The Commando is an ability-focused medium-ranged Hero that wields a minigun. They have no ability cooldowns due to their special and are focused upon the perfect time to use their R skill, which empowers every ability they use. Commandos are good at dealing burst damage.

Special: There is no cooldown on abilities, instead they cost ammo. Upon activation, the Commando reloads their ammo.

Q fires a torrent of shots, dealing damage. Upon empowerment, critical hit chance is increased.

W throws a smoke canister: blinding, damaging, and reducing the movement speed of enemies. Upon empowerment, enemies are additionally rooted.

E fires a piercing shot, damaging and reducing the armor of enemies. Upon empowerment, critical damage is increased and enemies are knocked back.

R mounts a minigun onto the ground. The damage the Commando deals increases and their abilities are empowered. The Commando is unable to move during this time.


Main Article: Legionary

The Legionary is a melee Hero that specializes in CC. They try to put as many enemies under the effects of CC as possible, in addition to cleansing their own with their R skill. They can keep enemies at bay through both stuns and taunts with their W and E respectively.

Special: For each ability, the Legionary gains resistances. Some of the resistances are converted into attack power. They deal bonus damage for enemies under CC.

Q smashes enemies in front of them: enemies are dealt damage, knocking back, made vulnerable, and interrupted.

W throws a player to the target area. Surrounding enemies deal damage and vulnerable enemies are stunned.

E throws a spear in the target direction. Enemies take damage, have movement speed decreased, and vulnerable enemies are taunted. The longer the cast time, the longer the throw.

R cleanses crowd control effects. The Legionary takes reduced damage and crowd control effects, and gain bonus movement speed.


Main Article: Shaman

The Shaman is a melee DPS Hero that can summon a wolf. The Shaman uses their abilities to empower their basic attacks, whilst controlling the wolf summoned with their R skill. The wolf can divert damage away from the Shaman, giving them the opportunity to use their powerful basic attacks.

Special: Basic attacks increase attack speed by 5%. Every sixth basic attack empowers abilities used on the target and resets the attack speed increase.

Q leaps towards the target, damaging them. The following four basic attacks upon the enemy reduces their resistances. Upon empowerment, the target's movement speed is halved.

W increases the Shaman's wolf's attack speed and movement speed.

E hits the target with a lightning bolt that ricochets to nearby enemies, damaging them. Upon empowerment, the target enemy is stunned.

R summons a wolf with attributes equal to half of the Shaman's attributes. The wolf can bite targets (taunting upon empowerment) and the Shaman can sacrifice health to heal the wolf. Upon death, the Shaman loses health.

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