Heroes in Corepunk are used to group three unique Masteries under one name. Heroes are categorized by appearance, not by archetype. Twelve heroes are planned to be released, with six being playable during Closed Beta Testing (CBT).

Playable Heroes as of the closed beta.


Every playable Hero can be found below:

Hero Race In-Game Description Masteries
Bomber Human Coming of age in a concrete jungle surrounded by street gangs at war, bright and youthful Bombers had to grow up early. They managed to survive with the help of their trickery and razor-sharp wit. Speed is their advantage, and explosives their best friend. Bombers are unrivaled when it comes to illusions and hoaxes. They might seem like they’re just playing with matches, but watch out – or their little games might be the last thing you see before you die. Blast Medic, Grenadier, Infiltrator
Champion Human Noble warriors, Champions seek out battles and live for glory. They unleash their rage upon their foes like an unstoppable hurricane of power, breaking them with ease and knocking the absolute stuffing out of them. Champions bravely rush into a battle – launching a volley of arrows, striking enemies with their mighty sword, and rarely ever denting their shield. Their proud spirit, valor, and nerves of steel never let Champions down in a fight bringing them victory after victory. Defender, Destroyer, Ranger
Mercenary Dwarf Coming from a cold-hearted world of eternal winter, Mercenaries are not used to feeling pity: it's kill or be killed. Usually, Mercenaries work as a trio: while Snipers take out enemies from a distance, Berserkers break through enemy ranks in a formidable onslaught, covered by heavy fire from Engineers' turrets. Berserker, Engineer, Sniper
Pain Reaper Demon Born in the world of demons, dreadful Pain Reapers cast terrible curses upon their enemies, leaving them to rot alive. Spurred on by the flames of hell, Pain Reapers bring about massive destruction with their fire magic. And torment enemy souls with their crescent blades. Pyromancer, Soul Eater, Warlock
Paladin Human Mighty warriors and defenders, Paladins have made it their mission to wipe out all evil. They always stay true to their values, and the sacred light guides them and those who follow them. Paladins are experts at healing and raising the spirits of their allies. But when prayers are no help, they are not helpless – Paladins can knock out their enemies with a stroke of their heavy hammer or mace. Cleric, Crusader, Hand of the Light
Warmonger Orc Only the strongest of the orcs can become Warmongers. Hardened by innumerable battles, they won’t be stopped by any threat. With countless combats under their belt, Warmongers are skilled warriors, fearing neither pain nor death itself. They can bring down enemies with suppressive heavy fire or hold the frontline with spear and shield. And if necessary Warmongers can summon a forest beast to help them. Commando, Legionary, Shaman

In Character Creation[edit]

Hero selection screen.
From left to right, top to bottom: Champion, Warmonger, Bomber, Pain Reaper, Mercenary, Paladin.

When creating a Character, players must first pick their Hero of choice on the left side of the screen. They can pick one of two sexes for each Hero: male, and female.
Above the selection list is the name of the hero; below is a description of the hero. From here, players can select the specific Mastery they wish to play.
Upon creating their character, players can only access the Masteries associated with the Hero they selected. Players can access a different Mastery under the same Hero upon reaching max level.

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