Karma System

The Karma System prevents abuse of Corepunk's open world Player versus Player (PvP) system. It's made up of Karma Points that the so-called Aggressor accrues for killing other players.


Upon killing a player, the Aggressor receives Karma Points. The number of points received depends upon the difference between the Level and equipment of the Aggressor and the defeated player. If a player was attacked first, they will not get Karma Points. If the accumulated Karma Points reaches a certain threshold, the Aggressor will become a Criminal. There is no maximum number of Karma Points a player can have.


Karma Points can be decreased by completing various activities and Quests in both open world and instanced content.


The Karma System defines 4 different player types: Green, White, Yellow, and Red. These colours appear on the player's healthbar and are not to be confused with Non-Player Character (NPC) healthbar colors.


Represents friendly players in the player's party or raid group. Green players cannot be attacked.


Represents neutral players that are 3 or more levels below your current level. Criminal status is immediately achieved if a player directly kills a White player or helps the Aggressor in any way.

White and Yellow players can only be attacked if the Aggressor enables PvP Mode.


Represents neutral players that are 2 or more levels below the current player's level. Killing a Yellow player yields Karma Points.


Represents Criminal players. Criminals are prohibited from entering cities and towns: most nearby NPCs are hostile towards Criminals. When killed, their Karma Points are reset, they drop a random equipped Artifact or Weapon, and the killer gains Honor Points. Some settlements are accessible to Criminal players, but these contain only basic services.

Criminal status can be achieved by killing approximately 100 players of equal level. Upon becoming a Criminal, players will immediately be removed from their current party.

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