Rangers are heroes who use a bow and arrows. Toggling between two stances, they can choose to deal damage either to a target area or severely struck a particular target. Being part of a group, Rangers can be the main source of dealing damage but can also use crowd control to root and slow enemies.

The Ranger is a Champion Mastery that wields a bow.


The Ranger's abilities can be seen below:

Q (Ranger).png
Q (Ranger)
The Ranger fires an arrow with in the target direction, dealing physical damage ( Attack Power Icon.png Attack Power) and rooting (Spirit) the first enemy in its path.
W (Ranger).png
W (Ranger)
The Ranger fires a hailstorm of arrows over 2 seconds, dealing physical damage (Attack Speed) and decreasing enemy movement speed (Spirit). All allies in the area have increased movement speed (Spirit).
E (Ranger).png
E (Ranger)
The Ranger can toggle between two stances:
Arrow.png In the first stance, the Ranger's basic attacks reduce the target's Armor Icon.png Armor, stacking up to 5 times. Upon switching to this stance, the next basic attack gives -15 Armor Icon.png Armor (Dexterity)
Arrow.png In the second stance, basic attacks do less damage but will decrease enemy movement speed. Upon switching to this stance, basic attacks will deal additional damage to the two nearest targets with on-hit effects for 6 seconds.
R (Ranger).png
R (Ranger)
The Ranger leaps 4 meters back, firing a volley of arrows, dealing physical damage ( Attack Speed Icon.png Attack Speed) to all enemies within range.
Special (Ranger).png
Special (Ranger)
The Ranger's basic attacks leave arrows in enemies, gaining a stack of bonus Attack Speed Icon.png Attack Speed for each arrow (with a maximum of 10 stacks). The special ability can be activated, triggering all arrows to explode, dealing physical damage (Dexterity). While the ability is on cooldown, basic attacks don't leave arrows in enemies.

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