Rangers are heroes who use a bow and arrows. Toggling between two stances, they can choose to deal damage either to a target area or severely struck a particular target. Being part of a group, Rangers can be the main source of dealing damage but can also use crowd control to root and slow enemies.

The Ranger is a Champion Mastery that wields a bow.


The Ranger's abilities can be seen below:

Net Shot.png
Net Shot
The Ranger fires an arrow with in the target direction, dealing physical damage and immobilising the first hit enemy for 3 seconds.
Weapon Specialization Bonus: +0.3s immobilisation duration
Arrow Rain.png
Arrow Rain
The Ranger fires a volley of arrows, dealing physical damage and slowing enemies by 20% for 3 seconds.
Weapon Specialization Bonus: +2% slow.
Hunter Stance - Ranger Stance.png
Hunter Stance - Ranger Stance
Passive: +2% Attack Power Icon.png Attack Power.

Active: The Ranger can toggle between two stances:

Arrow.pngStandard Stance: auto-attack normally.
Arrow.pngBarrage Stance: auto attack damage is reduced by 50%, but damage is dealt to the two nearest targets.
Weapon Specialization Bonus: -0.2s cooldown.
The Ranger leaps backward and fires a cone of arrows in the target direction, dealing physical damage and disarming all hit enemies.
Harpoon Arrows.png
Harpoon Arrows
Passive: The Ranger's basic attacks leave arrows in enemies, gaining a stack of +2% Attack Speed Icon.png Attack Speed for each arrow (with a maximum of 6 stacks).

Active: Triggers all arrows to explode, dealing 2% physical damage.

Weapon Specialization Bonus: +1% Attack Speed Icon.png Attack Speed.

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