Shamans are melee fighters, coming from a kindred of orcs who can talk with animal spirits and command the elements. They wield different types of fist weapons to devastating effect. Their basic attacks will mark their enemies, and the mark can empower Shamans’ other abilities.

The Shaman is a Warmonger Mastery that wield fist weapons.


The Shaman's abilities can be seen below:

Q (Shaman).png
Q (Shaman)
The Shaman leaps toward the target, dealing physical damage ( Attack Power Icon.png Attack Power). The following 4 basic attacks reduces the enemy's Armor Icon.png Armor and Magic Resist Icon.png Magic Resistance for 6 seconds. Empowerment: The enemy's movement speed is reduced by 50%.
W (Shaman).png
W (Shaman)
The Shaman increases their wolf's Attack Speed Icon.png Attack Speed and movement speed for 7 seconds (Spirit).
E (Shaman).png
E (Shaman)
The Shaman hits the target with a lightning bolt that ricochets 3 times to nearby enemies, dealing magic damage ( Spell Power Icon.png Spell Power).
Empowerment: The enemy is stunned for 2 seconds.
R (Shaman).png
R (Shaman)
The Shaman summons a wolf. The wolf's Health Icon.png Health, Armor Icon.png Armor, and Magic Resist Icon.png Magic Resistance equal 50% (Spirit) of the Shaman's respective attributes. The wolf deals physical damage ( Attack Power Icon.png Attack Power) and upon death, the Shaman gets -20% Health Icon.png Health. Holding the ability will remove the wolf.
Upon reactivation:
Arrow.png The wolf bites the target, dealing bonus magic damage ( Spell Power Icon.png Spell Power) every 4 basic attacks.
Empowerment: The wolf taunts (Spirit) the enemy and the Shaman heals health equal to their damage dealt.
Arrow.png Targeting the Shaman makes the wolf return to them.
Arrow.png Targeting the wolf sacrifices a the Shaman's Health Icon.png Health to heal the wolf.
Special (Shaman).png
Special (Shaman)
The Shaman's basic attacks grant a stack that gives +5% Attack Speed Icon.png Attack Speed (with a maximum of 5 stacks). Upon reaching 5 stacks, the following basic attack deals bonus magic damage ( Spell Power Icon.png Spell Power) and empowers abilities used on the enemy.

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