Whether you prefer fewer action abilities with more passive effects or a piano gameplay style with many different active skills, Corepunk has you covered.

A Skill or ability is an action that can be activated by the player. Through the use of skills, players can deal damage to enemies or support allies. They can be activated via hotkey or by clicking the respective skill icon on the skill bar at the bottom of the screen.

Leveling Up[edit]

Once the player levels up, they can choose to increase the level of any skill by 1. The R skill can only be levelled up following level 10. The maximum level of skills Q, W, and E is 12; the maximum level of the R skill is 4.

Mastery Skills[edit]

The skill icon for Q (Berserker).

Mastery Skills are the most powerful. They are only accessible only to that specific Mastery, and are activated using Q, W, E, and R by default. The R skill is referred to as the mastery's ultimate and is the most powerful. Each mastery additionally has a Special Skill that provides a constant buff to the player.

Universal Skills[edit]

Universal Skills are skills designed to aid the player in various ways. There are 12 skills accessible to all players, with 2 culture-unique skills accessible upon joining a culture at max level. They are activated using D and F by default.

Weapon Skills[edit]

Weapon Skills are skills tied to the Weapon wielded by the player. They are activated using F1 and F2 by default.

Artifact Skills[edit]

Artifact Skills are less powerful skills tied to artifacts. They can be both active and passive i.e. they can either be activated or give constant effects. They are activated using keys 1 to 6 by default.

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