Some weapons can modify skills. Additionally, some weapons will have unique, specialization-specific skills.
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In Corepunk, weapons can be equipped to provide stat bonuses and unique appearances. Each Weapon Mastery has its own unique weapon type - such as spears for the Legionary, or bows for the Ranger. Along with Artifacts, weapons are the primary source of a player's power. Unlike artifacts, weapons are visible on the player character model.


Weapons in Corepunk can be crafted with Weaponsmithing, purchased, dropped by killed characters, or sometimes traded.
Some weapons are bound to the player either on equip or on pickup. Once a weapon is bound, it cannot be exchanged between different players.


A weapon's attribtues can be affected in three ways: its basic stats, its chips, and its skills.


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A weapon's stats represent its base power without any add-ons. The only way to change a weapon's stats are via a reroll with the Synthesis Machine.
All weapons that aren't shields have three and only three stats:

Arrow.pngAttack Speed Icon.png Attack Speed
Arrow.pngWeapon Damage Icon.png Weapon Damage
Arrow.pngDamage Per Second Icon.png Damage Per Second

Shields have the following additional stats:

Arrow.pngShield Ability Block Chance Icon.png Shield Ability Block Chance
Arrow.pngShield Ability Block Power Icon.png Shield Ability Block Power
Arrow.pngShield Block Chance Icon.png Shield Block Chance
Arrow.pngShield Block Power Icon.png Shield Block Power

The Gear Score of a weapon quantifies its stats. The higher the gear score, the better the weapon is. A weapon's gear score is calculated by adding its weapon damage and attack speed, then rounding to the nearest integer.


Main Article: Chip

Weapons have Sockets, where chips can be inserted to give the weapon bonus effects. All weapons have an advanced socket, and uncommon or higher Quality weapons have additional standard sockets (one additional standard socket for each increase in quality). Advanced chips give the weapon unique effects, whereas Standard Chips give the weapon stat bonuses.
Socket bonuses reward the player for matching the correct chip type to the correct socket type. These provide minor bonuses to the weapon's stats.


Some weapons have skills that can be activated in slots F1 and F2 in the skill bar. They function in the same way as Active Artifacts.

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