This article is about Weapon upgrades. For Artifact upgrades, see Rune. For Weapon upgrade slots, see Socket.

Bio-organic chips are used to upgrade Weapons.

A preview of an epic Execute chip.


Chips can be crafted with Weaponsmithing and exchanged between players.


Chips are divided into two categories: Advanced Chips which give higher, unique bonuses; and Standard Chips which give Stat boosts. Socket Bonuses can improve an artifact's stats by using the correct chip.

Advanced Chips[edit]

Advanced chips give system-unique bonuses the artifact it's attached to. Every weapon has one advanced chip Socket.
Advanced chips have 50 charges. One charge is lost for each use of the advanced chip's bonus. Charges need to be periodically refilled in the inlay panel.
Crafted advanced chips have additional effects if higher-quality advanced chips were used to craft them.

Standard Chips[edit]

Standard chips give bonuses to the artifact's stats.
Artifacts have more standard chip sockets if they were crafted using higher-quality artifacts.

Socket Bonuses[edit]

Socket Bonuses Socket

Socket Bonuses are applied when a chip's mark (icon) matches the mark in its socket.
Socket bonuses for advanced chips are much greater than the socket bonuses for standard chips.


See: Socket

A chip's mark gives a general idea of its effects. If a chip's mark matches the mark of its socket, a Socket Bonus is applied. A chip's icon shows its mark. A chip's mark is not random; socket marks are random.
A gallery of standard icons on chips is below: