Gold Icon.png Gold is the main currency in Corepunk. It can be exchanged with other characters for items. The player's total gold is displayed to the right of the Minimap.


Gold can be earned via trading with other players, selling items to NPCs, completing Quests, searching containers, or by destroying objects. Recently acquired gold is displayed to the right of the minimap.

Arrow.pngPlayers can get 1-2 Gold Icon.png or an item from destroying objects.


Players can increase the amount of gold they get by adding a percentage increase to all gold they collect (excluding trading and selling). This can be done in the following ways:

Arrow.pngThe Looter Passive Talent grants a base Gold Icon.png gold. It also grants access to a Passive Talent Tree which contains more increases to collected gold.


Arrow.pngItem value used to be represented with gold, silver, and bronze coins. Silver and bronze coins were removed sometime between 15 Minutes of Corepunk Alpha Gameplay and Corepunk Gameplay Video #3: PvE Combat.