Crusaders are tanks who wield a shield and use morgenshtern and the energy of light. Crusaders were made to withstand loads of incoming damage. At the right moment, they can drag enemies back to them, aiding allies in a fight.

The Crusader is a Paladin Mastery that wields a shield and morgenshtern.


The Crusader's abilities can be seen below:

Q (Crusader).png
Q (Crusader)
The Crusader flings a chain in the target direction, dealing physical damage ( Attack Power Icon.png Attack Power) to the first enemy it hits and dragging them back to the Crusader. Enemies are taunted for 2 seconds.
W (Crusader).png
W (Crusader)
The ability triggers an explosion, dealing magic damage ( Spell Power Icon.png Spell Power, Vitality) to nearby enemies. The Crusader cannot move or attack when charging this ability. Upon reactivation an explosion occurs instantly, dealing damage based upon charge time.
E (Crusader).png
E (Crusader)
The Crusader raises their shield, blocking the first attack or ability. If damage had been blocked, the Crusader can recast the ability: Enemies in front of the Crusader are damaged, dealing physical damage ( Attack Power Icon.png Attack Power) and decreasing enemy movement speed.
R (Crusader).png
R (Crusader)
The Crusader creates a field on the ground. Enemies within the field can't use movement abilities, and allies within the field take reduced damage. When anyone passes through the field: they will either be disarmed (Spirit) and take magic damage ( Spell Power Icon.png Spell Power) if they are an enemy, or gain movement speed (Spirit) if they are an ally.
Special (Crusader).png
Special (Crusader)
For every 10 basic attacks on an enemy, the enemy is stunned for 2 seconds.

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