[As] mighty warriors and defenders, Paladins have made it their mission to wipe out all evil. They always stay true to their values, and the sacred light guides them and those who follow them. Paladins are experts at healing and raising the spirits of their allies. But when prayers are [of] no help, they are not helpless – Paladins can knock out their enemies with a stroke of their heavy hammer or mace.

Paladins use melee weapons and the power of light to wipe out their enemies. They are a hybrid of damage-dealers and supporting allies. The Cleric is the most support-oriented Paladin whereas the Hand of the Light is more damage-oriented. On the other hand, the Crusader supports allies by controlling their enemies.



The Paladin can be specced into three Masteries: Cleric, Crusader, or Hand of the Light.


Main Article: Cleric

Clerics are melee support Heroes that can also pack a punch. Their aggressive playstyle combined with their Q skill and E skill forces allies to move into the fight to benefit from healing. The Cleric's special ensures Clerics are always dealing damage and never heal from a safe distance.



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Crusaders are melee, offensive tanks that wield a shield and morgenstern. Their playstyle mainly revolves around charging their W skill for as long as possible whilst also being attacked by many enemies. Their Q skill and R skill are very good at controlling enemy movements and directing allies.

Hand of the Light

Hand of the Light[edit]

Main Article: Hand of the Light

The Hand of the Light is a melee damage-dealer that can also support allies. Their special encourages combinations of skills, and their E skill can enable synergy between other burst-oriented Heroes. These heroes tend to fight side-by-side with tank heroes by healing them and damaging nearby enemies.


All Paladin skills are listed below:

Icon Name Cast time Range Cost Cooldown Hero Mastery
Q (Cleric).png Q (Cleric) 0 8/10/13/15/18/20/23/25/28/30/33/35 Mana 5 Paladin Cleric
W (Cleric).png W (Cleric) 0.3 4 18/23/28/33/38/43/48/53/58/63/68/73 Mana 10 Paladin Cleric
E (Cleric).png E (Cleric) 0 5 23/25/28/30/33/35/38/40/43/45/48/50 Mana 15 Paladin Cleric
R (Cleric).png R (Cleric) 0 50/75/100/125 Mana 150/120/90/60 Paladin Cleric
Special (Cleric).png Special (Cleric) Paladin Cleric
Q (Crusader).png Q (Crusader) 0 8 18/23/28/33/38/43/48/53/58/63/68/73 Mana 15 Paladin Crusader
W (Crusader).png W (Crusader) 2 28/33/38/43/48/53/58/63/68/73/78/83 Mana 12 Paladin Crusader
E (Crusader).png E (Crusader) 0 23/25/28/30/33/35/38/40/43/45/48/50 Mana 18 Paladin Crusader
R (Crusader).png R (Crusader) 1 3 63/75/88/100 Mana 160/120/90/60 Paladin Crusader
Special (Crusader).png Special (Crusader) Paladin Crusader
Q (Hand of the Light).png Q (Hand of the Light) 0.2 4 23/33/43/53/63/73/83/93/103/113/123/133 Mana 12 Paladin Hand of the Light
W (Hand of the Light).png W (Hand of the Light) 0 5 25/30/35/40/45/50/55/60/65/70/75/80 Mana 10 Paladin Hand of the Light
E (Hand of the Light).png E (Hand of the Light) 0 6 23/33/43/53/63/73/83/93/103/113/123/133 Mana 25 Paladin Hand of the Light
R (Hand of the Light).png R (Hand of the Light) 3-5 38/63/88/113 Mana 160/140/120/100 Paladin Hand of the Light
Special (Hand of the Light).png Special (Hand of the Light) Paladin Hand of the Light

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