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Screenshot of the inventory.

We have a big world, and it is essential to understand what to carry to be able to get the maximum profit.

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The Inventory is a panel that contains all items and currency owned by a character. Each character starts with a default bag that has 24 item slots.


The fraction in the top-left of the inventory represents how full the inventory currently is. The bar at the bottom shows your character's currently owned currencies.

Show/Hide Bags[edit]

The visibility of bag names can be toggled on and off by clicking the checkbox icon.


Inventory items can be filtered with the search function, identified by a magnifying glass icon. When used, item names containing the search term will show in the inventory.


Items can be sorted by pressing the double-arrow button in the top right.


Primary article: Bag

Storage space can be expanded by adding a bag to one of the four bag slots shown at the top of the inventory. Bags can be crafted, purchased from vendors, and traded from players. Some bags are specialised for specific items.