The game offers interesting itemization via a system of artifacts that will strengthen any combination of weapon mastery and passive talents. You can get new abilities through artifacts.
A common tier 1 Steroid Implant.

Artifacts in Corepunk are items that, along with Weapons, your Character will get the majority of their Skills and overall power from. Unlike weapons, they are not tied to a specific Hero specialisation and are not visible on the player character model.


Artifacts can be crafted with the Construction profession, dropped from killed characters, rewarded from quests, or sometimes traded.
Some artifacts are bound to the player on equip or on pickup. Bound artifacts cannot be traded between players.


Artifacts can be split into two groups: Active Artifacts and Passive Artifacts. Active Artifacts have abilities that only take effect once they are manually activated by the player, whereas Passive Artifacts give constant attribute boosts to the player. Artifact bonuses only take effect if they are located on the skill bar.
Higher-quality artifacts have more secondary stats. Stats are usually fixed, but can be rerolled within their upper and lower bounds via the Synthesis Machine.
Runes can be used to give the artifact bonus effects.

Active Artifacts[edit]

"The active abilities on the artifacts will play a significant role, but of course they will not be as strong as the main hero's abilities."

Active Artifacts sacrifice higher attributes to instead have a usable skill. Artifact skills will never be as powerful as the player's hero specialisation abilities.
Artifacts, like any item, can be placed in slots 1 through 6 in the skill bar. Once on the skill bar, they can be activated either by clicking on them or by pressing its associated key.

Passive Artifacts[edit]

Passive Artifacts don't have a skill, instead opting for higher attributes.


See: Rune

Runes can be used to upgrade an artifact by giving it a bonus effect when an event is triggered. Runes are similar to Chips on weapons, although chip bonuses scale with the user's attributes.

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