Legionaries are tank heroes who fight with spear and shield. They specialize in controlling enemies. They can stun and slow enemies with their mighty strikes and blows and make them vulnerable to their abilities. Their ultimate ability enables them to easily withstand a lot of damage.

The Legionary is a Warmonger Mastery that wields a spear and shield.


The Legionary's abilities can be seen below:

Q (Legionary).png
Q (Legionary)
The Legionary smashes enemies in front of them with their shield, dealing physical damage ( Attack Power Icon.png Attack Power). Enemies are knocked back, made vulnerable, and interrupted.
W (Legionary).png
W (Legionary)
The Legionary throws the nearest ally or enemy to the target area. Enemies in the area take physical damage ( Attack Power Icon.png Attack Power). Thrown enemies take damage, and vulnerable enemies are stunned (Spirit).
E (Legionary).png
E (Legionary)
The Legionary throws a spear in the target direction, dealing physical damage ( Attack Power Icon.png Attack Power, Vitality) to enemies in its path, decreasing their movement speed, and taunting vulnerable enemies for 2 seconds (Spirit). The longer the cast time, the longer the throw.
R (Legionary).png
R (Legionary)
The Legionary removes all of their Crowd Control (CC) effects. They take reduced damage and crowd control, and gain bonus movement speed for 5 seconds (Spirit).
The Legionary restores health (Vitality) on an enemy kill or assist.
Special (Legionary).png
Special (Legionary)
Each time the Legionary hits an enemy with an ability, they gain a stack of +5 Armor Icon.png Armor and +5 Magic Resist Icon.png Magic Resistance for 10 seconds (with a maximum of 5 stacks). The stack refreshes with each enemy hit.

20% of the Legionary's Armor Icon.png Armor and Magic Resist Icon.png Magic Resistance is converted into Attack Power Icon.png Attack Power.

The Legionary deals bonus physical damage ( Armor Icon.png Armor, Magic Resist Icon.png Magic Resistance) to targets under Crowd Control (CC).

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