Infiltrators are melee assassins who deal massive damage in a short amount of time. Infiltrators use double daggers and mines. They can become invisible to foes for some time, easily finish off enemies with low health.

The Infiltrator is a Bomber Mastery that dual-wields daggers.


The Blast Medic's abilities can be seen below:

Q (Infiltrator).png
Q (Infiltrator)
The Infiltrator becomes invisible for 7 seconds, increasing movement speed.
Their next basic attack deals additional physical damage ( Attack Power Icon.png Attack Power) and silences an enemy.
W (Infiltrator).png
W (Infiltrator)
The Infiltrator throws a mine in the target location. After 1 second, the mine becomes invisible for the next 50 seconds.
The mine detonates if an enemy is within 3-meter range from the active mine. Enemies caught in the blast range are stunned for 2 seconds. Affected enemies are slowed (Vitality) and are dealt magic damage ( Spell Power Icon.png Spell Power). One mine at a time can be active.
E (Infiltrator).png
E (Infiltrator)
The Infiltrator throws a satchel of grenades in the target direction. All enemies in the blast radius take magic damage ( Spell Power Icon.png Spell Power). The radius after the explosion decreases enemy movement speed (Spirit) by 30%.
R (Infiltrator).png
R (Infiltrator)
The Infiltrator jumps to the target area, dealing physical damage (Dexterity) to enemies near the landing location.
If the target enemy's health is less than 20%, the ability instantly kills them. If an enemy was killed using the ability, its cooldown resets.
Special (Infiltrator).png
Special (Infiltrator)
Dealing critical damage reduces the Grenadier's ability cooldowns by 1 second.
Backstabbing an enemy increases critical chance by 50%.

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