Blast Medic

Blast Medics are ranged support heroes who use grenade launchers and can wield various explosives like hand grenades or bombs. These heroes heal allies, buff them, and use crowd control against enemies. They can create illusions to trick their enemies.

The Blast Medic is a Bomber Mastery that wields grenade launchers.


The Blast Medic's abilities can be seen below:

Ricochet Bomb.png
Ricochet Bomb
The Blast Medic throws a bomb, dealing [20/40/60/80/100/120 + 60% Spell Power Icon.png ] magic damage to enemies and heals allies by [60/70/80/90/100/110 + 60% Spell Power Icon.png ]. The bomb ricochets off each target twice. Each ricochet decreases damage and healing by 10%.
Blinding Bomb.png
Blinding Bomb
The Blast Medic throws a bomb to the target area. Enemies take [30 + 60% Weapon Damage Icon.png + 60% Spell Power Icon.png ] physical damage and are blinded for 2 seconds. The Blast Medic and allies within the blast radius gain a [30 + 100% Spell Power Icon.png ] shield for 20 seconds.
Double Trouble.png
Double Trouble
The Blast Medic sends a duplicate in the target direction. Upon reactivation on the duplicate, the Blast Medic swaps places with the duplicate, dealing [20 + 100% Spell Power Icon.png Spell Power] magic damage and healing [30 + 100% Spell Power Icon.png Spell Power] for all enemies and allies passed through respectively.
The Blast Medic sends a drone to a target. The drone is active for 10 seconds.
Arrow.png If the Blast Medic targets themselves, they will be shielded. Incoming damage is decreased by [30% + 20% Spell Power Icon.png Spell Power] and 20% of incoming damage is reflected.
Arrow.png If the target is an ally: they are periodically healed by [90 + 120% Spell Power Icon.png Spell Power] and their movement speed increases by [10% + 5% Spell Power Icon.png Spell Power].
Arrow.png If the target is an enemy: they take an additional [10 + 30% Spell Power Icon.png Spell Power] magic damage.
Multi-Dimensional Atomizer.png
Multi-Dimensional Atomizer
The Blast Medic has 3 different effects, which replace each other every 5 seconds. Upon activation, the current effect is activated.

Passive Effects:

Arrow.png Outgoing healing increased by 30%.
Arrow.png The next three auto-attacks are delivered with 300% Attack Speed Icon.png Attack Speed.
Arrow.png +30% magic damage.

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