R (Blast Medic)

R (Blast Medic).png

R (Blast Medic)
Hero Bomber
Mastery Blast Medic
Range 7 meters
Cost 50/75/100/125 Mana
Cooldown 130/120/110/100 seconds

The Blast Medic sends a drone to a target hero. The drone is active for 7 seconds.

Arrow.png If the Blast Medic targets themselves, they will be shielded ( Attack Power Icon.png Attack Power). Their basic attacks decrease the target's movement speed (Spirit).
Arrow.png If the target is an ally: they are periodically healed (Spirit), movement speed ( Attack Power Icon.png Attack Power) increases, and movement speed reduction effects are removed.
Arrow.png If the target is an enemy: they take magic damage ( Spell Power Icon.png Spell Power), and they take 10% more damage.

Version history

Patch Changes
Original R (Blast Medic) was added to the game.