[As a] noble warrior, [the] Champion seeks out battles and lives for glory. They unleash their rage upon their foes like an unstoppable hurricane of power, breaking them with ease and knocking the absolute stuffing out of them. Champions bravely rush into a battle – launching a volley of arrows, striking enemies with their mighty sword, rarely ever denting their shield. Their proud spirit, valor, and nerves of steel never let Champion down in a fight bringing them victory after victory.

Champions are the strong damage dealers of Corepunk. They can waltz into the battlefield and put up a good fight with practically anyone, in their own unique ways. The Defender uses high resistances to stay alive for longer, whereas the Destroyer can use their many movement abilities to chase down enemies. On the other hand, Rangers tend to hold back and slowly damage enemies with basic attacks and slows.


The Champion can be specced into three Masteries: Defender, Destroyer, or Ranger.



Main Article: Defender

The Defender is an offensive tank that wields a sword and shield. They enjoy being in the thick of the fight and enduring a lot of damage - even encouraging others to join them with their E skill. The Defender's skills ensure they stay in the battlefield for a long time before going down, with plenty of reduced incoming damage.



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The Destroyer is a melee damage-dealing Hero that is very nimble. Most of their abilities are movement-focused, requiring the player to think quickly. Their fast movement allows for quick skill combinations, especially with their special ability. The Defender's R ability is an easy way to get some free damage on your enemy.



Main Article: Ranger

The Ranger is a long-range damage-dealing Hero that uses basic attacks to their advantage. The Ranger can immobilise enemies with Q, and infinitely slow them if they constantly switch stances with E. Rangers can leap out of sticky situations with R - but they must be careful since it's the only movement skill they have.


All Champion skills are listed below:

Icon Name Cast time Range Cost Cooldown Hero Mastery
Q (Defender).png Q (Defender) Instant 5/8/10/13/15/18/20/23/25/28/30/33 Mana 8 Champion Defender
W (Defender).png W (Defender) 0.2 7 23/33/43/53/63/73/83/93/103/113/123/133 Mana 15 Champion Defender
E (Defender).png E (Defender) Instant 6 15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/55/60/65/70 Mana 12 Champion Defender
R (Defender).png R (Defender) 2/3/4/5 25/50/75/100 Mana 170/140/110/80 Champion Defender
Special (Defender).png Special (Defender) Champion Defender
Charge.png Charge 0.3 6 5 14 Champion Destroyer
Circle Strike.png Circle Strike 0.8 2.5 10 10 Champion Destroyer
War Cry.png War Cry 5 25 Champion Destroyer
Crushing Leap.png Crushing Leap 0.2 6 30 120 Champion Destroyer
Battle Frenzy.png Battle Frenzy 5 Champion Destroyer
Q (Ranger).png Q (Ranger) 0.2 10 15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/55/60/65/70 Mana 15 Champion Ranger
W (Ranger).png W (Ranger) Instant 10 18/25/33/40/48/55/63/70/78/85/93/100 Mana 10 Champion Ranger
E (Ranger).png E (Ranger) Instant 30/45/60/75/90/105/120/135/150/165/180/195 Mana 3 Champion Ranger
R (Ranger).png R (Ranger) Instant 5 30/50/70/90 Mana 115/110/105/100 Champion Ranger
Special (Ranger).png Special (Ranger) 15 Champion Ranger

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