This article is about Weapon Masteries. For Profession Masteries, see Mastery Level.
Each weapon mastery has a unique set of abilities and a unique playstyle.

A Mastery is a type of Hero that wields a unique Weapon. Each Hero can be specced into three unique Weapon Masteries, each with a different Mastery Tree wherein a Mastery's core abilities can be upgraded. Each Mastery has 4 unique skills and one special passive ability.
Once a player has progressed enough in their Mastery Tree, players gain access to another Weapon Mastery under their chosen Hero.

Mastery Tree[edit]

The Legionary Mastery tree.

As a player gains Experience, they also gain Mastery Points. These are used to upgrade the character's core Skills. Upgrades can only be selected if the player has also selected the previous upgrade on the branch. Upgrades do not grant perks that function independently from the skill.
Each skill has a different branch in the mastery tree, with ultimate abilities having two different branches. Players can switch between each ultimate ability branch and cannot activate upgrades on both branches at the same time.


Below is a list of all playable masteries, separated by hero:

Hero Masteries
Bomber Blast Medic.pngGrenadier.pngInfiltrator.png
Champion Defender.pngDestroyer.pngRanger.png
Mercenary Berserker.pngEngineer.pngSniper.png
Pain Reaper Pyromancer.pngSoul Eater.pngWarlock.png
Paladin Cleric.pngCrusader.pngHand of the Light.png
Warmonger Commando.pngLegionary.pngShaman.png